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Lynsey McDonough

Co-owner & Investigator

I have always had an interest in the Paranormal and ever since an early age I have seen Shadow people, at 18 months I sang the whole song “I wanna be Bobby’s Girl” which was my Nan’s song for my Grandad Bob, but my Nan died 4yrs before I was born... 


I first met Julia & Andy in 2014 when I signed up for my first ever “Ghost Hunt” in The Pub in the Park in Allerton and I have been investigating with them ever since and then 2yrs ago we met Dani & Eddie and as they say “the rest is history...”


I love being part of the Osiris Paranormal Investigations Team as everyone works brilliantly together. My role is varied, behind the scenes I am a Co-Owner, Venue Researcher and Events and Hospitality Logistics Manager, and I am a Paranormal Investigator during the Investigations


I love the excitement of going on a new investigation, going into the unknown without any expectations, no parkour tricks and no fake activity, and if you don’t get any interaction then so be it, but when you do... WOW!!!! 


I don’t have any “psychic” powers or anything like that but I do seem to sense things and pick up on things that I shouldn’t be able to know, (just like the song when I was a child), one example is that during a Scrying experiment in the Masonic Hall I described the exact same thing that Julia had experienced years before in the exact same room, I had never been to that building before and I didn’t know that Julia had experienced the same thing I was picking up, but must admit that freaked me and Julia out just a bit...

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