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Julia Freeman


I have been interested in the  paranormal for as long as I can remember. What exactly happens to us when we leave this life has always fascinated me. Various personal experiences as an adult made me want to explore the phenomenon further. Andy and I were co owners of a group for around 5 years but decided to part company and start on our own, so Osiris was founded. 


We were joined by our other co owners and decided to start public events based on the ‘back to basics’ ethos that we agreed was the way forward for us all. 


We have some brilliant venues booked that we are all excited about. Even if we don’t get much activity, we will still have experienced the venue. If we’re lucky enough to have an active night, then that blows our minds! 


I don’t class myself as gifted but I can get emotional when a spirit is present and I will embrace and work with the emotion to see if we can get any information relevant to our investigation.

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