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Daniele Hartley

Co-owner & Investigator

I started to go on some paranormal investigations about 15 years ago, the first was Tutbury castle, then me and Eddie went to morecambe winter gardens, Newsham Park asylum and a few others. Then 2 years ago I seen an event advertised for St George’s hall in Liverpool, I’d always wanted to investigate there as I knew that place was active after working there for 6 weeks when I was 16. It was at St George’s hall where I first met Julia, Andy and Lynsey, we instantly clicked but I don’t think we realised it would be the beginning of such a great friendship, that would eventually lead to the start of Osiris Paranormal! 


Over the last 2 years I have had the pleasure of learning from and working alongside Julia, Andy, Lynsey and Eddie, we have had some amazing experiences and I know it is only going to get better as we go back to basics for our investigations, using our senses and intuition! 


See you soon....x

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